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  • Our Story

    I have always had a passion for the unique and unusual. In 1996, I launched my own jewelry company to create special pieces for those special people that “dared to be different.” Today, MOB Leather is an extension of that same passion and fire I have always had to design for the individual.

    I got my first taste of leatherwork when I decided to attend a crafting course. No sooner had I finished my first piece than I was hooked! I continued to develop and polish my skills simply as an enjoyable hobby until a good friend asked if he could choose an item from my collection to gift his wife (he’d forgotten their anniversary!). 

    To my surprise, instead of selecting from my jewelry collection as I’d anticipated, he chose one of the leather handbags I’d sewn. Not long after, MOB Leather was born.

    From the beginning, my focus has been to create quality, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out. I make all of my products by hand with the highest quality material and craft them with the utmost care and attention to detail. MOB Leather designs are originals that have been inspired by my life experiences and belief that individuality should be celebrated. 

    We are all very special.